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Dont understand "Underdog" (Help!)

Heres what ive done:

1. Played Pitch Black and killed Riddick a good five times for good measure. (Seen the achievement progression bar saying i killed him with melee.)

2. Ive set-up a deathmatch and got a kill on my alt account then i killed him with my primary, is this enough to satisfy the Kill the player whose in the lead requirement? Does it have to be a certain game mode or what?

3. Payback kill, this just boggles my mind.... I took the enemies health down to 1 then i let him kill me and as soon as i spawn i fire my pistol and they die, i see the white glow around them but its doesnt say Comeback kill How quick have you got to be?!

4. Comeback win, i set the point total to 20 then got to 19 on my alt account and then 20 on my primary account and it came up Comeback win on the achievement progress bar. I have done all this but no achievement, i think its comeback kill i need but how?


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