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Originally Posted by AgentOrange330 View Post
The fact that I have no idea how the powered rails, powered minecarts, redstone torches, redstone wires, etc work at all...
well redstone dust is wire and redstone torches are batteries so the basic way to power things with them is connect a redstone torch to the item from any distance with redstone wire

instead of the torch you can use switches and buttons etc to power the redstone, this will let you turn things on and off which is useful for powering doors and things
powerd rail is just track with redstone in it which you can power with a torch or a switch and it increases the speed of a minecart running over it

powered minecarts are just a minecart with a furnace in them, you click on them with coal in your hand and they move, they are pretty much usless though because they are slow and eat coal

the best thing to do to learn about redstone is play with it, try building simple circuits and working your way up, people do all sorts with it in the end theres even a guy that programmed minecraft using redstone in the game so you could play minecraft in minecraft :P
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