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Originally Posted by Doopliss SWE View Post
Wasn't that bad imo. On the 5th mission, just jump back and forth with the air projectile, and if you see it connect when jumping forward, do this combo: B chain (wait until the hit after the series of three quick punches), hold B, jump, BBB, hold B, Y. This should do around 40-45%. In the corner, I think you can do this after the hold B: jump, B, Hold B, B chain, Y. Those two together should be sufficient to kill him. If he has like 5% left, try to kill him with air projectiles, and pray to god that he does't do a well-timed EX Hadoken.

Took me maybe 15 tries.

For the 40-second one, try not to counter his tatsu, not worth the time. Try to use a similar strategy to the one mentioned above to kill him as fast as possible. If you have him in a combo and time is about to run out, just let him fall and do your Special Attack and, if you're lucky, that's enough.
This wasn't bad at all using these methods. Thanks man you rock

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