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Originally Posted by UrdnotCasper View Post
just got the achievement and i have to say coming from someone who really doesnt play fighting games..not to hard at all. what i did was spam the X attach from a distant. then i would trick ryu..i would stand in the corner and jump after every 2 or 3 X attacks either causing him to A. jump(which you can hit him with a X attack when he is on his way down. or B. he would do that charge block attack thing sorry really dont know what its called when he goes all black and white around him..just wait for when he is about to punch then spam X attack..big tips.. be careful when spamming x as when he gets 1 bar fill he shoots a fire ball which goes threw yours, just jump and press b to avoid. and if he gets close to you just simply press y . took me about 10 trys. hope this helps
Ex fireball. Its easy to spot it comes out red as opposed to a blue normal fireball which his fist projectile will stop.
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