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A really easy way to discover items is to get to a survival as fast as you can. You can finish a chapter and then go back, but doing the survial over and over does a few things for you. It allows you to level pretty fast. It allows you to get a LOT of nuts. And it has the most possibilities to get crates to discover items. If you start getting nothing but bags of nuts then its time to move on to the next one. I JUST finished Normal the other night and had already reached level 41, I also had so many nuts I was able to easily buy better items as I found them. If you scroll down to the bottom on the Main Weapons, you will notice they cost over 500,000 nuts each. It does get quite costly but I have gotten to the point where I have been able to buy everything that I have discovered.

Heres a nice little tip if you don't already know as well. If you have an item that does say All Damage +100% and another item that does say All Damage 60% and Bullet Damage +60%, the second item will do more damage as the effects DO stack. For example, you can use the paper bag and a flame thrower/blunderbuss and do MASSIVE damage (melee with the blunderbuss because of its extremely slow fire rate).

I hope this info helps people. I know it has helped me.
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