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Originally Posted by BSM View Post
Start off with an air fireball right before you land do your combo by mashing B on the last hit hold b you'll fly into the air jump up and follow him and continue to hit b on the last hit do another fireball and then do a heavy attack
A little confusing to understand at first, but I managed to clear the mission with this method after a few tries to get the timing and positioning right. Good find.


As for the OP, hogwash. I'd give it 7/10, 8 tops if you're unfamiliar with Super Street Fighter IV, and maybe a 9 if you're completely unfamiliar with fighting games in general since a few of those same concepts apply here (hit-confirmation, hit-stun, and recovery to name few). The last was only a challenge because I'm so out of practice with the current-gen SF games that I forgot where what could be done by Ryu and when. It might have taken me about 15 tries max.

Use the same combo you used for the 15-hit mission and for fuck's sake don't be too aggressive! Keep your cool and gauge your attacks (and stop attacking if Ryu blocks or focuses) and you'll be just fine.

All in all, outside of Street Fighter 3 (my favorite SF of all time), smacking Ryu sideways has never been so satisfying.
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