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Originally Posted by Mister Buds View Post
EDIT: i was trying to avoid playing scandinavia, because it's the longest mission and i hate the UGV sequence in it, but it seems like there's 7 or 8 electron mace kills available. again, the mission is quite long, especially if you're by yourself.
sad to say, but this really answers your question... at least, this is where I worked on it... I wasn't pounding out levels for the cheevo, I'm a casual hunter at best... but I was thinking that you could hit the breach for the checkpoint with the UGV then exit, R/R... it might be a shorter amount of time you have to put in for the challenge... not sure how many are on that route, but I know I've run into a few before the UGV part of the mission...

I often block off the path of the UGV so any shots they take at it are likely going to be tanked by yours truly... allows you to control the spawns a bit better to run ahead and set one group off then haul back to the path to stop the UGV from rolling and act as it's shield...

hope this helps out in some way, I agree that Scandinavia can be a dirty crawl when alone...
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