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Good grief does Deltakappaecho work for capcom? I have never seen such cheerleading for a company and defending of ridiculous things.

Firstly the specs ops 'DLC' was at the very least finished by the end of January. As proven by 360a itself. The entire campaigns achievements were already fully implemented and this only happens when something is finished. You can't simply press the jewel button and see achievements on unfinished games. So two months before the games release and at least a month before it went gold this content was already finished.

Considering games are usually only finished around a month before release (you stated 3 months! LOL!) they were clearly ready. If you want proof games finish a month before release. Halo 3 went gold in August 2007 and was released September 2007. That is also a game where MILLIONS of copies had to be ready first day. For smaller titles they can actually only leave a few weeks as long as everything has been well scheduled.

Also the DLC was clearly not intended to be included with the game as Capcom love to rip people off. However I would say it was advertised to be included in the game and considering it is vital to the 'story' of the game, was planned to be removed and sold separately on purpose. When I say it was advertised to be in the game what I mean is some of the trailers for RE:ORC make it seem like the SPEC OPS are also main characters. Which to me implies they will have a campaign.

You keep stating you know the industry but you clearly have no knowledge of it at all. Heck you don't even realise that MvC3 and SFxT have the full characters on disc. Capcom itself came forth and admitted this, users have unlocked them and their FULL movesets are in place etc.

Oh and you are right. The game was reviewed on what was released..... and got dreadful reviews as well as comments about the short campaign.
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