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Agree with Exhausted Dad.

I've played Fable TLC, Fable 2 and 3... TLC was an amizing action-RPG, with armors, bosses, and intresting magic powers (that stuck with the "karma" of the char) and a good challenge level.

Fable 2 was an horrible action-rpg, with useless clothes (no stats, WTF?), no bosses (just one near the end of the game...), an HORRIBLE ending, and no challenge... (I've beat the game in 9.30 hours with ALL the sidequests done, without being defeated once). No exp, no mana... what? Still an RPG? And the story... with that ending... non sense.

Fable 3 was even worse if possible... framerate issues, no challenge (1 achievment obtained for being not defeated. WTF?), stil no bosses, just a bunch of more-powerful normal enemies (but the last one, that "tried" to be a boss... this amazing enemy with the power of a chicken)... with just a bit better story than Fable 2 but with a lot of time wasted by farming gold (like 4-5 hours of the 14 total).

Then comes Amalur... maybe not an epic story, but armores are back (a LOT of armors), hp, mana, exp, classes, a huge world map, endless hours of gameplay (9-14 hours Fable2/3... 60+ Amalur, just for Main quest).

For me? Amalur = Fable wannabe. Or at least, Fable without all the useless things that Moulinex loved to insert, like "funny" emotes (farting and co.), kick-the-chicken competition, stupid npc gifts etc.
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