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It kinda is the future of gaming though. Take a look at Skylanders. This is how bad some games are now by the time you have bought every mod on that game you could have bought a brand new xbox with a pack of games and everything else. This is the price of 1 game which is an absolute rip off, and it was targetting a very vulnerable market. Also with some online browser games, you could have bought a house or a car worth of game items just to compete against a computer or their admins while playing their games. This kinda of stuff should be policed as it is unethical by any standards, I hope the world will grow up. Though it seems like some idot will always pay, just like the 10,000 quid app an app for phones priced at 10,000 quid which doesn't do much else.

Expansion like these, which some more content should have been incorporated into a rather medicore game by any standards. It was a rip off to the resident evil brand and has cashed in on its success. I'm not paying 20 quid more for crap....

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