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The Hidden Form - 15
Equip a total of 16 katanas and 16 steel orbs on your Phantom.

This may take some practice, but better off in Novice Difficulty with 1 life set, while in Phantom form, you must have 16 Katanas and steel orbs at the same time, do not press/hold , or you’ll release the orbs. (Slash, Novice:OK)

Destroying the Limit - 20
Earn 3000 hits (Slash Mode).

Use the defensive shot , or the use of the steel orbs/katana’s to raise the hit counter. Note, there is about a 5 second time limit before the hit counter resets, although getting hit still keeps the hit counter though. (Novice:OK)

400 Million and Counting - 10
Earn 400,000,000 points (Slash Mode).

See: 800 Million and Counting

600 Million and Counting - 15
Earn 600,000,000 points (Slash Mode).

See: 800 Million and Counting

800 Million and Counting - 20
Earn 800,000,000 points (Slash Mode).

Watch this playthrough of Slash Mode to see the hi-score go over 800 Million.

Absorption Power - 5
Absorb items into your ship.

Simply hold the shot button with your option up front, then release to absorb them. (Origin, Novice:OK)

The Gold Ring - 5
Rotate over 200 score items (large) around your ship while playing as the Phantom.

While in Phantom mode, using the Offensive Shot will earn you score items, using the defensive shot will trigger suicide bullets which is useful for earning more score items.
(Origin, Novice:OK)

Decay and Dissolution - 10
Lose more than 20 score items that were rotating around your ship during a game.

This can happen as soon as you earn score items while in Phantom mode, or after back in fighter mode holding the shot button around your option to hold score items, the score items will disappear if the shot button is still held. (Origin, Novice:OK)

Big Catch - 5
Rotate 72 guiding energy items (large) around your ship.

Easier way to earn this on Novice Difficulty, Use Type 1 and hover the option to the right while holding/using the shot to gather Large “E”/Green energy items, make sure they hit enemy bullets to make them grow. Note: They can disappear for a couple of seconds if not absorbed into the ship. (Origin, Novice:OK)

128 Hits! - 5
Earn 128 hits (Origin Mode).

You can earn hits in Origin while in Phantom mode while shooting offensively, or by damaging/defeating a mid-boss/stage boss. (Novice:OK)

256 Hits! - 10
Earn 256 hits (Origin Mode).

See: 128 Hits! (Novice:OK)

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