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Back Against the Wall - 30
While in Phantom form, filled up the screen with more than 800 bullets.

Easier to do this is on stage 5 or 6 on the stage bosses, best have a full energy gauge with 1 life left, once the bosses life is low, turn into the Phantom, and head straight on towards the boss (since you'll be protected by the barrier) to unlock this. (Origin, Novice:OK)

Bullet-Proof - 30
Reflected more than 1000 bullets while in Phantom form.

This will happen naturally in total once you don’t shoot with the offensive shot, in which bullets will bounce off your Phantom. (Origin, Novice:OK)

#^&@%&! - 5
Got hit by a bullet in Phantom form, and then died from another bullet immediately afterward.

Self-Explanatory (Origin, Novice:OK)

100 Million and Counting - 10
Earn 100,000,000 points (Origin Mode).

See: The Sharpened Blade

200 Million and Counting - 15
Earn 200,000,000 points (Origin Mode).

See: The Sharpened Blade

The Sharpened Blade - 20
Earn 300,000,000 points (Origin Mode).

Here a playthrough of Origin mode on how to score really well.

Secret Achievements

The True Mission - 50
Watch the True Ending.

This requires you not to lose a life in stages 1 through 6, after that, you’ll fight Bashou in his TLB (True Last Boss)/Harder form, beat him to get the true ending. (Slash only)

Although you can use bombs and can get hit by the lasers and it'll still count as long as you don't lose a life. Refer to the video on "800 Million and Counting" to see how its done. Or here if you want to know...

When in doubt…Bomb! - 5
Deployed a bomb directly after starting the game.

Press once the game starts to use the bomb.

Melted - 5
Died from an enemy laser.

Simple on stage 1, of course this may take some time, just get hit by the red lasers by the enemies and mid-boss/boss.

Sheer Grit - 5
Clear the game without summoning your Phantom.

Do not press for the entire game, this requires no continues, which makes it very difficult.
A handy guide from Shmups-System 11 is right here, you can also obtain it in Novice Difficulty, but still very difficult.

Died immediately after starting the game.

Simply run into an enemy or a bullet head on once you start the game.

6000 Hits - 40
Achieve a 6000 hit combo (Slash Mode).

See: Destroying the Limit (Novice:OK)
, Refer to the video on "800 Million and Counting" for details.

9999 Hits - 55
Achieve a 9999 hit combo (Slash Mode).

See: Destroying the Limit (Novice:OK)
, Refer to the video on "800 Million and Counting" for details.

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