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I was really struggling with game D when it came down to unlocking the final 2 bottle tops, and didn't seem to be improving at all, despite learning the target's locations. But I did it just now! Some tips that helped me;

- Never stand directly in front of the bell. For the first half of D I tended to stand to the left, and then to the right - towards the end of the round, female targets spawn on the right side. They're worth a lot more than males if you can get a headshot on them, so prioritize them.

- It's more important to get a 50 point body shot than risk a 100 point headshot and screw up your 5-streak to make a Salazar head appear.

And most importantly of all for me - use the d-pad once you have lined up the TMP, and only press left or right. That stops him from wobbling all over the place and means you don't have to waste time re-lining up the shot. Not sure how well it would work with the pistol, as equipping that seems to bring on symptoms of Parkinson's.

After I realised I could just use the left and right d-pad buttons to pop the targets, it only took 3 tries for me to get this. Hopefully it'll be useful to some other folks too.
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