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Originally Posted by JORDAN K 95 View Post
so, your saying the world size is perfectly fine... ?
Yeah, actually I think it's fine.

Originally Posted by JORDAN K 95 View Post
pretty much built something in every chunk / biome in my world and have a pathway and railway connecting them all,
I'm sorry, but I can't begin to buy that. I can't believe that you not only dug to bedrock and cleared that out, but also built up into the air as high as you could. I'd love to see some photos or videos though, show me I'm wrong, I'd be impressed if you've managed to use up every single bit of free space.

Originally Posted by JORDAN K 95 View Post
explored the whole map and have still not found 1 pumpkin, and there are no snow biomes. i have 5 full double chests of cobblestone, in that i only found 12 or so gold ore which was just enough to get the on a rail achievement. and about 6 diamonds, oh and ive pretty much explored every cave system.
That sucks, then again you're not supposed to have a shit load of gold or diamonds.

Originally Posted by JORDAN K 95 View Post
im not bitching, im just pointing out that the world is so small that it cant fit everything in it, i dont have any pumpkins or any snow biomes, which means its impossible to make jack o'lanterns or get pine trees, snowballs, ice etc.
So start a new world.

It's downright stupid to complain that the map is too small when you're talking about a game that's released on a console, with far less memory then its PC counterpart. When will people wake up and realize this is just a port??
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