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Originally Posted by JeremyVersion1 View Post

It's downright stupid to complain that the map is too small when you're talking about a game that's released on a console, with far less memory then its PC counterpart. When will people wake up and realize this is just a port??
Jeremy I'm not trying to start an argument but you seem to have a bit of an attitude. This is the official bitching tread so why do you have a problem with people bitching about world size?

IMO the world is too small, ok a console version will probably never be able to handle an infinite world like the PC, but come on it could have a world a lot bigger then the one you get. At the very least like the real world you should be able to find every kind on biome and item somewhere in the world even if it takes days of searching. While I haven't built on every part of my world I have explored and mined in all areas. I like exploring and finding new stuff and with a small world like we got this can be done very quickly. Sure I can start a new world but as I can't take all my stuff I mined/found/made over to the new world I am loath to start again from scratch every time I want something new to explore. Either make the world bigger or allow us to transfer our stuff like in a new game+. As the latter option is not even available in the PC version, I think asking for an increase to the worlds size is not too much ask.
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