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Originally Posted by Shelton View Post
For anyone looking to play this game, for the love of god, ignore the hours outlined in the roadmap. I don't know if the creator comes from another dimension where the hours are longer or what, but I have done everything in the game in the most efficient way (won every race first go etc, boosted online) and I am way over 15-25 hours. I would go as far to say it is literally impossible to complete in 15 hours, 25 hours probably too. On Steam, my hour count is currently at 45 and I still need to grind out 7 more levels online!

So, to sum up, I thought I was in for a cruisy 15-25 hours, but in reality it is more like a 50 hour slog.

There is NO EFFING WAY you can beat this game in 15 hours. NOT POSSIBLE!!!

I count hours as clock hours, not game playing hours. You have what, 200 races in dirt tour alone? If you aced each race (I aced 98% of them first time), at the minimum, each race is going to take 3-4 minutes. Loading screens, and your stupid character walking around the paddock to your trailer, throw downs, there's NO PHYSICAL WAY you can beat the SINGLE player in 15 hours. I'm not even counting multiplayer!

This game needs to be at 40-50 hours.
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