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Originally Posted by Purge View Post
Anyone got any tips? I'm struggling to make it past 150k. First time playinga Hitmang game.

it looked like you are missing 2 of the challenges, fly by prevented gives you a pretty big modifier if i remember correctly, that will help you out in your overall score.
get as many hidden bodies as you can

the order ive been taking them out in is
1. guy in top left rooftop
2. top right rooftop- there is a guy that looks over the railing in the far back
3. bottom right walkway- the guy who walks under the liquor kegs- shoot over railing.
4. top right rooftop- guy who is standing above the balcony where main target stands later on
(if youre quick enough, you should have a 4 headshot killstreak at this point)
5. elevator main deck- open elevator and shoot him into elevator shaft
(youll have to wait for a little bit to let the other guards get into position)
6. bottom walkway, right side- shoot guy when he stops infront of bush (youll get a hidden body bonus if you shoot him in there)
7.bottom walkway, left side- wait till this guy walks back toward the middle part (relatively) of the walkway, shoot him into the bushes he stands in front of, you will likely have to shoot him again to get his body into the bush for hidden body
8. landing pad- shoot him either when he is on the left side, or if you missed him there you can shoot him when he goes on the far side, kind of behind the heli

(i havent perfected the rest of these, and my order isn't always the same)

9. fountain in left/center- soon after the previous kill i THINK there should be a guy that kneels down by the water, so shoot him into the water. i prefer to shoot him when he is on the edge closest to you, but you might also be able to pull off a shot when he walks farther to the right (he kneels down again,head partially blocked)

10. there is another guy who stands by the pool later farther to the right (from #9) by the little bridge, you have to use instinct (hold RB) to see him though the tree

11. @ 11:45~11:30 on the timer, a guy walks up to the top right rooftop (where #2 was) and looks over the back railing right at the top of the stairs (you cant really see the stairs, they are inside)

12. this might have to come before 9, i cant remember when this happens, but the woman will tell you they are "placing the call". when this happens, you need to shoot the guard on the right side by the jacuzzi, after the main taget walks inside

13. after 12, shoot the main target on the balcony

i think there are 2 more guards down on the main deck, and i dont remember how i killed them exactly

14. there have been a couple of times where a guard stands on theleft side of the elevator, and as soon as he starts to move left (between you and the open elevator) shoot the wall inside the shaft, he will turn around and look, and then you can shoot him into the elevator (hidden body) he might take a couple of shots into his body to push him all the way into the shaft

i think there is only 1 guard left at this point, so i just shoot him asap

i dont think i need to say this, but all are headshots
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