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God of BOOM - No codes/cheats

Seeing as cheats have been discontinued for this game, I'd like to give some pointers for those who are trying to get disintegration kills (which are far harder since "noob tube" ammo is limited).

1. Use Black's secondary weapon as often as you can. This will greatly reduce the amount of grinding you will have to later. It's actually fairly strong on the hard difficulty and will do far more damage than your regular bullets will.

2. After getting all the missions finished on Hard (save the final one), you should have only disintegration kills left (the rest can be gotten on Flesh; this method is outlined in the achievement guide). Now here comes the easier part: kills are automatically saved as soon as the enemy dies; restarting or dying will not erase these kills.

3. That said, you can pick any level, get as many kills with the grenade launcher, and restart the level. I chose Spiritual Guide; as it only has regular cultists and you start off as Black.

4. Play "" over and over until the achievement(s) unlocks, restarting when you are out of grenades (and there is no checkpoint near, if you are not playing Spiritual Guide)

This shouldn't take too long, just switch on some music and do some mindless killing. I only needed to do Spiritual Guide <10x and God of BOOM popped.

- If you're prioritizing disintegration kills, you should unlock 50 kills before Exorcism, and 100 kills before Sewers.
Disclaimer: This is a rough expectation. Should you be more/less successful at getting disintegration kills, your achievement will unlock sooner/later

- The enemy needs to actually burst into pieces (as noted in the guide) for it to count as a disintegration kill. Flying cultists will not blow up, and will not count. So: "i it don't blow sky high, it's not your guy"

100% (Without DLC / Glitched & Unattainable included):
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