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its already frustrating by the 2nd mission on Ensign, frustration and easy dont go together.

the controls suck, theres no auto aim, the pistol is a 1 hit kill but it takes 50 rounds of the alien gun with 300 magazine cause they thought having a backwards recoil system would be fun so it only gets accurate the more you hold the trigger and the m16 is worthless cause no auto aim and its NOT a 1 hit kill so just stick with the pistol

and having to manage the boats at the same time is stupid, i got multiple boats all with radar range over my location yet i can only get 1 of their support at any time and by the time i call in a location, the enemy are already past that point, killed me, or planted the bomb and i gotta wait 50 minutes to beable to call in another strike so i die since i only got 10 seconds to defuse that bomb and theres 450 guys all shooting me

NCIS was "easy"
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