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I'm thinking on getting back to this again because I love DMC series. I have couple missions to S rank on DMD but that won't be so bad once I get the touch back but BP has always been very hard to me (with normal charas of course) my best was around wave ~80.

Nero: Going solid, easily defeate bosses but always run out of time :/

Dante: Going fast, some enemies cause problems because I can't use devil arm but always end up dying :/

So basicly with Nero I play SSStylishly but slow and with Dante I rushdown and blast enemies to oblivion but with some damage to myself... It's very hard to find the golden road between these because I'm not sure what I should do with Nero to add more damage and faster killing without actually getting to Dante style and end up killing myself? I would like to get some tips for Nero because of the easy ways to kill bosses with charged shot and devil arm.

I know I need to learn waves and enemy strategies but IF someone can think of something else I would be happy to hear it I'm going to S rank this...someday...

PS. I know the button change and that enemies don't attack if they're not in the frame.

Thanks to Rep for this sick picture!

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