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Basic 4-5 #1

Just got WR on Basic 4-5 with 2'16"450. This one I think is probably a good one to try. Seeing as how the PS3 has XBOX beat by a good 5 second, I believe that this has probably been the most forgiving trial to do at this point since I made tons of mistake during my WR run. What I did was mainly piece a run together by looking at the other trial videos based on this course.

I used the Bleed(First Mech) path from this run:

What I did to prepare for the mechs was add the abilities Special Recovery I and VS Takedown. Special Recovery will spare you from all the laser stuns that will literally stop you for a few seconds throughout the course and VS takedown is mainly for the first VS who sometimes jumps and lands on top of you if your too fast (which is a good sign your off to a good start). One shotgun blast in the air will take him out.

The Faze(Second Mech) path from this run:

Instead of jumping out and grappling up to the last of ledge (which I am horrible at) I just walked up to the mech and simply got out. So you may be able to shave some seconds using the grappling hook.

As for the Osprey(Third Mech), I made my own path and simply went underneath it all. You only need to go low enough to be level with landing platform your flying to avoid any trouble. You can actually shoot the turret trigger from very far away if you fly low enough leaving you enough time to land properly.

And lastly, the Hardballer(Last Mech) path from this run:

Try to focus on timing the hover the moment you leave the platform. If you hit it just right, then you can easily pass over platforms without being abruptly stopped by incoming platforms.

Overall if your good you can make it through this trial with only needing to destroy turret trigger. I managed to outrun everything else. Once you get a pattern down, your time will mainly depend on how much resistance you get from mechs. I found myself restarting plenty of times after the first mechs mainly because they would knock me off the ledge with gatling gun fire the moment I land, so its a gamble sometimes just not as bad as the advanced 5-4 trial. I still don't know how he managed to get those spawns.
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