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Exclamation Achievement Guide and Roadmap

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Battleship Achievement Guide and Roadmap

This guide is the property of the x360a community and and is not to be reproduced, in part or whole, without the written consent of either myself or an x360a administrator.

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2.5/10
- Offline: 33 (1000)
- Approximated amount of time to complete: 6-10 hours [or less].
- Minimum playthroughs: 1
- Glitchy achievements: None.

- Unobtainable achievments: None.

Battleship is a game based off of a movie that is based off of a game that is based off of naval warfare, if that makes any sense. Battleship is very straight forward and linear by design, and should not cause any real trouble beating it and unlocking the full 1000. It’s an average FPS that brings nothing new to the genre, nor does it really have any real replay value. There are two fighting modes merged in one campaign - you will fight on land as well as command ships for attack support. The only thing that really relates to the original Battleship game is finding PEGS and the attack grid you use to command ships. It is recommended to start off playing on the highest difficulty to unlock all of the difficulty achievements (they stack). This game is not very hard at all and can easily be completed in one night. There are only 7 levels and no Multiplayer/Co-op.

Refer to
Navy Cross (100 points) achievement.

PEGS! (15 points)
Found all 28 hidden pegs.

There are 4 PEGS found across each of the 7 levels. PEGS are scattered in mostly obvious locations away from the main areas of fighting. A few can be challenging to locate however. Don't stress about collecting them all on your first playthrough, as there is a level select option that shows you how many you have missed on what level. Just replay that level and use the video guide below.

Down But Not Out! (15 points)
Recovered 5 ships.

Simply use the Wild Card that will revive any sunken ships. This does not have to be all at once. Basically, have a few of your ships die (do not upgrade them), and simply use the card to bring them back. Should unlock through normal progression.

Rain of Fire (50 points)
Downed 200 enemies with artillery support calls.

I used the last level to finish off this achievement. If you do not attack the mother ship, waves of enemies will keep being dropped by an air transport. Upgrade your ships and have two of them in the support locations which will allow you to use their artillery. Every time a transport drops troops down to the ground, try to aim the artillery support to where the enemies go to utilize cover. There are two drop points, and it doesn’t take long to know where these two locations are. Just rinse and repeat - if you die just restart and keep calling artillery until the achievement pops.

Iowa (30 points)
Destroyed 20 enemy ships with the USS Missouri.

Ships will attack on their own, and these kills still count. You can always take manual control of a ship using a certain Wild Card to attack enemy vessels. Easier if upgraded.

The USS Missouri can be found on level 7.
The USS Yukon can be found on level 4.
The USS Laredo can be found on level 7.
The USS John Quincy Adams can be found early on in the game.
The USS Laredo can be found near the end of the game.
The USS Chesapeake can be found in the start of the game.

Ticonderoga (30 points)
Destroyed 20 enemy ships with the USS Yukon.

Refer to Iowa achievement.

Los Angeles (30 points)
Destroyed 20 enemy ships with the USS Laredo.

Refer to Iowa achievement.

Arleigh Burke (30 points)
Destroyed 20 enemy ships with the USS John Quincy Adams.

Refer to Iowa achievement.

Oliver Hazard Perry (30 points)
Destroyed 10 enemy ships with the USS Chesapeake.

Refer to Iowa achievement.

Fire in the Hole! (15 points)
Downed 40 enemies with Grenades.

Just spam grenades whenever you have them. Find ammo crates to replenish them (1 grenade per crate). This will come naturally, however you can always find a large group and rinse and repeat.

High Velocity (30 points)
Downed 40 enemies with the Alien Railgun.

The Alien Railgun is an enemy sniper rifle which can be fully charged to take out multiple enemies grouped together. Just use this weapon and kill 40 enemies. You can always use the rinse and repeat technique (kills save even if you die).

Up Close and Personal (30 points)
Downed 40 enemies with the Shotgun.

The shotgun is one of the best weapons to kill Thugs with; this applies to all difficulties. When shooting it up close, it will stun Thugs, allowing you to kill them with 2-3 headshots. It does one shot kills on regular enemies when used point blank.

Sharp Shooter (30 points)
Downed 40 enemies with the Carbine.

Second weapon you are provided with in the game. This will come naturally through progression.

Lawnmower (30 points)
Downed 40 enemies with the KRAW.

Do not even bother reloading the gun, it takes too long. Just pick up a dropped enemy gun, it will save you loads of time. This is the primary weapon enemies use in the game.

Quick Draw (30 points)
Downed 40 enemies with the Pistol.

The pistol is the first weapon you start out with. Just go 'gangsta' and see how many enemies you can take out with it. If you die, just reload (kills will still save).

Fish In A Barrel (30 points)
Downed 40 enemies that are stunned by the LRAD.

LRAD is an artillery PEG that is fired by friendly vessels to stun enemies. It will stick in the ground and will draw the aliens towards it. The best level to rack up kills is level 3. During a part where another squad mate needs to use a computer to hack a defense tower... walk up the ramp beforehand (while clearing out the platform so your buddy can get up there), and use the LRAD artillery (best if on easy difficulty). Around 5-6 enemies will hover around it trying to destroy it, toss a few grenades to kill them. Now kill yourself and rinse and repeat.

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