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Locked and Loaded (20 points)
Fully outfitted a ship with the maximum number of Wild Cards available.

Run around and collect these Wild Cards that randomly drop when enemies are killed. Use them all on one particular ship to unlock. You need 3 cards of the same upgrade applied to each upgrade slot. Some smaller support ships only use two Wild Card upgrade slots. All-in-all, just hoard them and use on one ship. This should come naturally.

Officer of the Deck
(20 points)
Defeated 40 enemy vessels in Ship Control game play.

There is a Wild Card that looks like a yellow boat steering wheel. Just upgrade a ship and start using this card to take control of a ship and manually fire upon an enemy ship. The USS Missouri is beast upgraded and can take out a ship in less than 5 seconds. I was able to destroy an enemy ship in less than 2 seconds.

E.O.D. (15 points)
Disarmed or planted 20 charges.

Will come naturally through progression.

Bombs away! (15 points)
Downed 5 enemies with one support call.

Find a group of enemies and call artillery. Easy on level 7 near the end.

Extra Credit (15 points)
Downed 3 or more enemies with one shot from the Railgun.

As soon as an enemy transport starts to hover to drop troops, start charging the Railgun and fire once they land. This should take out most of them, popping the achievement.

Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight? (10 points)
Downed a Thug with the pistol.

Later on in the game after Thugs are introduced, make sure to keep the pistol you are given, as it is hard to find a random pistol lying around. Just shoot a Thug a bunch of times with another weapon, and then change to the pistol to finish it off (aim for the head).

Incoming! (10 points)
Used your first support call.

Story related and cannot be missed.

Navy Cross (100 points)
Completed the game on Admiral Difficulty.

This game is really not that hard at all. It is best to start your first run through on the highest difficulty to unlock all difficulty achievements (they stack). Just take your time and use cover. Keep a shotgun on you as they are VERY effective against Thugs. It will stun them allowing you to keep shooting them in the head. Remember, always reload! Do not attempt to reload the KRAW. They are dropped by enemies and can be found everywhere – they all have 300 rounds in them when picked up. If you are stuck at a particular checkpoint, don’t forget to move your ships into a support location, to take advantage of their artillery. Enemies perish relatively easy when pounded by support.

**Final Boss Ship**

This is easier then you think it will be. All you have to do is find good cover and stock up on Wild Cards. Have your ships destroy most of the enemy vessels and sit in the support squares. Eventually when the first wave of enemy ships are destroyed, command will tell you to move your ships closer to attack the enemy [boss] ship’s shield. Have all your ships attack its shield now – once it is at 0% command will have you move one of your ships to an attack [yellow] square. You can move a fully upgraded ship (use the USS Missouri) to move to the attack square. Now use the manual fire Wild Card (the yellow steering wheel). If your ship is fully upgraded and you can tap your attack buttons fast enough, you can destroy this boss ship with one attack sequence (I managed to destroy it with 4 seconds left on the clock before the boss ship's shields regenerated). This works on the hardest difficulty as well. If you are too slow, shields will raise again. You will then have to kill more ships, down the shield again, and re-attack the Boss ship. It's health will be where you dropped it down to before, so you should now have no problem destroying it. Achievement unlocked.

Navy Distinguished Service (60 points)
Completed the game on Captain Difficulty or higher.

Refer to Navy Cross achievement.

Earth's Hero (60 points)
Completed the game on any Difficulty.

Story related and cannot be missed.

Welcome to the Islands (30 points)
Completed "The Arrival" on any Difficulty.

Story related and cannot be missed.

The Dome (30 points)
Completed "Construction" on any Difficulty.

Story related and cannot be missed.

Infestation (30 points)
Completed "Overrun" on any Difficulty.

Story related and cannot be missed.

Mighty Mo (30 points)
Completed "The Big Guns" on any Difficulty.

Story related and cannot be missed.

No Man Left Behind (40 points)
Completed "They're Back!" on any Difficulty.

Story related and cannot be missed.

Escort (40 points)
Completed "Retaliation" on any Difficulty.

Story related and cannot be missed.

The Bigger They Are... (40 points)
Completed "End Game" on any Difficulty.

Story related and cannot be missed.

Naval Mastery (10 points)
Occupied all support positions in "Overrun".

Move your ships into all of the support squares to unlock. You do not need to have all of your ships there at once, as long as they occupied the square it will unlock. So if you had a ship that was in a support square, and it was sunk - it will still count.

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