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Originally Posted by DamagedWill View Post
Remedy is too busy with Alan Wake lately. That's what they wanted to focus on. Rockstar published the first two games. Remedy did have input on the third game though. Sam Lake, writer and the model of Max in the first game, said himself that he liked the direction they took and that it seemed like a natural next step for Max Payne. Lake is even co-writing the prequel comic with Dan Houser.


What I loved the most about Max Payne 3 is how they handled Max. The story by itself is by the numbers, but what makes it great is that it's just a vehicle for Max's character and how it gave him purpose. Starting from a rock bottom, substance abuser to a man who decides to take back control of his life and shape something of it. Even the song "Tears" that plays in the airport terminal shootout is symbolic. The lyrics being Max's wife telling him to finally let go, of her and his daughter. Finding purpose amidst chaos.

I doubt there would be a problem. Rockstar went to Remedy for notes on Max Payne 3. That shows respect to the source material and considering on interviews with Sam Lake, they are on pretty good terms.
Great to see im not the only one who knows how much this really is Max Payne and how great the story is. Even the ending is perfect.
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