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Would like to get this game, need some general info.

I won't be picking it up if getting 1000/1000 isn't remotely feasible. Single player difficulty is a non-issue unless a problematic achievement is really THAT hard.

How troublesome are the online-only achievements? I saw that there was an offline alternative to obtain Ruler, which helps. Is Overlord as much of a pain in the ass as I think it is? What about the invasion/conquest/territory stuff? The mercenary ones SEEM easy enough... I have a single friend with the game, so I'm imagining we can boost these with each other.

In fact, I did play a little on his game, but couldn't really find a way to buy better parts other than the single upgrades offered in the shop. I'm assuming more are unlocked as Story/Order missions are completed? What exactly does buying workshops do? I'm a fan of heavy firepower and huge damage, is additional weapon load really worth it once I start getting higher end parts, or is a high-mobility bipedal the way to go as usual? Are all the quad legs ugly as sin? I was kind of hoping for a sleek set of legs more comparable to a spider than a horse, haha~

Anything else achievement-related(obtainability-wise) that I should know about? Apologies for having so many questions, but I'd like to have a good idea of what I'm getting into before I delve too deep and screw up my chance of 100% completion ratio. Thanks in advance.
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