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I just bought this and I easily finished the three races my first try while using the Ford (Although my margin of victory was slim, I literally passed 1st place just inches before the finish line).

The track afterwards where you race a single car (Lakeside?) was difficult and he sailed into the sunset after the first few turns and left me in his dust. But I think with the right car and a bit more practice that I'll be able to wrap that up.

Doesn't strike me as overly difficult so far (And if you think this is hard, stay away from Super Hang-On on the new Alex Kidd & Co release from them).

Edit - Had him in sight with my second championship race just now. Should be able to beat him fairly soon as I run through all the cars and find one particularly to my liking (And better learn the Lakeside track).

Handily winning everything else I'm doing like the 1 vs 1 classic races and the quick races.

Hardly seems like a difficult game so far. It's certainly not near impossible like you're portraying it. If anything it seems too easy so far.

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