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Mission 6
• Right when the mission starts you’ll be in an office with around 6-7 enemies in it, this painkiller is in the last office cubicle on your left.
• In the boardroom, this painkiller is behind you on the kitchen counter.
• When you are in the cubicle area fight, this painkiller is the second painkiller on the left from the door you came from.
• Same area, first cubicle on your right from the door you came from.
• Same area, this painkiller is in the last cubicle on your right from the door you came from.
• Same area, on the far right side there is an enclosed office; in here on the left hand side is the next one.
• When Max says he needs to finish the sweep of the building you’ll be down in a little garden area, then you’ll make a turn to go down a hallway on the right hand side is a bathroom, go in here and it’s on the sink.

Mission 7
• First painkiller is behind the bar in the first combat area of this level.
• In the room behind the bar lies another painkiller.
• When you turn a corner and you see a bed in an open room in front of you the painkiller lies next to the bed on the left.
• Keep on fighting your way outside, but once you get to an area where you need to go up some wooden steps follow the wooden railing to your right until you are able to turn right, and this painkiller is sitting on the table.
• Once you ascend on the chain in slow-motion killing enemies, after doing that section follow the path downstairs and upon entering the little hut, the two painkillers are on your left.
• In this same area once you go to the bottom floor then up to the 2nd floor on the other side, you will need to go down a hallway, the first door on your right are two painkillers.
• Once you are outside and you watch the cut scene that triggers when approaching the red gate, and taking max back over, just turn to you right immediately when taking back control of max, it’s on the white table.
• You need to go past a blue shack that has graffiti on it. After this shack, instead of turning right to progress through the chapter, keep forward and in the left corner there is an alcove with a plastic white chair and table, and here is another painkiller.
• When fighting the guys on the second floor of an opened brick building with wooden plans everyone, where the last guys is hiding lies the painkiller on the ground.
• Right when you get back inside, this painkiller is on the counter to your right.
• When you go back outside, and then back inside after fighting your way through some guys, you’ll see this painkiller inside on a meth table.
• In the next area with guys, you’ll see this painkiller in the back right on a counter.
• After the section with the guys throwing Molotov’s at you, you’ll need to proceed through a gate; this painkiller is at the top of the steps on the right on top of a white table.

Mission 8
• After killing the guy with the grenade launcher, in that upper section after clearing the area of all enemies you’ll have a quick cut scene, follow passos, but before going through that archway you’ll see a wooden outhouse thing, in there are two painkillers.
• After killing the 7-10 guys near the van and car, and going into the courtyard area, you’ll see these two painkillers before proceeding through the gate on your left hand side.
• After you beat the guy with the shovel, go down the steps and the slope and go into the building on your left to find this painkiller in front of you.
• Right when you enter the morgue this painkiller is diagonally left of you in that office on the wall.
• Once you see the medical tables this painkiller is next to the far right one.
• Same area, the wall passos is leaning against has a room to the left, straight ahead in here lays another painkiller.
• At the end, post-morgue, when you and Passos are behind the podium, shuffle to the right, and there it is.

Mission 9:
• At the start of the mission go down the stairs and turn to your right and it’s to the left of the green and red doors on the ground by the barrels.
• Continuing from the last you will go up some stairs and into a building, and to your right is another pain killer on the ground.
• After you have a few battles with the police, you will soon be entering another building, with a woman who screams upon your entry, go into the first door on your right and it’s in the bathroom.
• After the helicopter cut-scene continue going.. After you kill the 3 cops who are surrounding a prisoner the painkiller is on the white table next to the prisoner.

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