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Mission 10
• First painkiller of the level is in the next area from the one you started in. You’ll notice gas pumps on your right, and guys pour out from a room in front of you, in there on the desk is the first painkiller.
• After you save the girl when the catwalk she’s walking on collapses and you kill 2 on the catwalk, and 3 on the ground floor, go into the room under the stairs on the right. There is a painkiller directly to your left when you walk in.
• Now go up those stairs she lowered for you and take the first right into the door and the next painkiller is on the desk on the left hand side.
• When you enter the police building, before going up the stairs you start in front of turn around and go to your right, and into the bathroom, it’s on the wall.
• After killing everyone upstairs, the next one is in the office that is directly behind you and to the left when looking at the stairs that lead down.

Mission 11
• Immediately when you start turn around and go into the bathroom in your tiny room, its there waiting for you.
• Last room on the left, right after the above painkiller.
• Once you are outside of the boat killing the enemies on the floor above, you must proceed back inside, and it’ll be straight in front of you on the wall.
• After killing the guys picking at the wall, you will be looking down a long hallway, go into the 2nd door on the right and take the first left into the bathroom where another pain killer awaits.
• Once you are outside and you go up a level and back inside in the next room inside it will be on the coffee table to your left.
• When you are along the side of the boat killing the guys on the side of the canal, and you head back inside after killing them 2 of them will be on the table to your right.
• When you are upstairs after killing the guys outside you’ll see a door that keeps opening and closing, there will be two guys in here, then you’ll see a guy open a double door and start shooting at your. In between these two rooms there is an opening to the right and left, on the right there are two painkillers sitting here.
• After you meet up with Passos and you are on the canal, directly after the initial cut scene there is a painkiller on the truck flatbed to your left.
• There is then another painkiller on the truck flatbed in front of the previous one.
• When you are about to go up the stairs look to your right, and you’ll see the next one on the wall.
• After you take the zip line across and you are in cover you’ll see guys come out from the door in front you, to the right there is another set of double doors, in here on the left there are two more painkillers.
• When you go to open the security door, there are more on the ground.
• After going through the room with the model ships and heading up a flight of stairs you can either go left to go up more stairs or right, go right into a little alcove with another painkiller on the wall.

Mission 12:
• After the cut scene with the guys throwing the garbage bags into the fire go through the door into the next area and go in the first gated door on your left. *note this one is not obtainable in NYM*
• After going through the yellow security door and going down into a ditch and back up go left down the hallways and into the last room on your right, and it will be on the shelf to your right.
• Once you climb up the elevator shaft and are inside about to kill the guys outside, these two painkillers are sitting on top of the cart max uses as cover.
• Once you are outside and you kill many guys you’ll find yourself back inside, and this painkiller is behind the bar on the left hand side.
• After picking up the C4, head back into that same room and pick up the two painkillers.
• After picking up the C4, head back into that same room and pick up the two painkillers. Which you can get again after you plant the C4 on the first pillar.
• Move left when taking cover from the snipers; this one is on the ground.
• Outside during the explosion tremors, you’ll be wobbling all over the place, but once you kill the 2 guys on the stairs go up these stairs and to your right and get the 2 painkillers here.

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