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Mission 13
• Immediately melee the first guy, and in the room where there are two guys the 2 painkillers are in the door on the right hand side on the wall.
• Before exiting the jail there is a painkiller in the last jail cell on your right.
• This room is at your 3 o’clock when you start up against the pillar in the room where the 3 prisoners are shot during a cutscene.
• When you are opening the door from the security booth, behind the switch is the painkiller.
• After you kill the APC, you’ll find yourself in a locker room, upon entering there is 1 painkiller directly to your left in a locker and another painkiller directly to your right in a locker.
• In the next area you’ll see a bathroom on the left and right, go into the bathroom on the right and on a bench in here is another one.
• In the same room as the security station with all the monitors on the wall.
• After defeating the guys with the green lasers attached to their guns, and before going into the elevator on the reception desk to the left of the elevators is the next one.
• After going up the elevator jump over the reception desk and into the room on your left, another one lies here.
• Once you have killed the heavy armored enemy, you can find this painkiller in the office to the left of the door you need to go through in order to proceed.
• After you kill the LMG guy go into the briefing room, then into an Evidence room, you turn right to take out to guards drawing your attention away from an office on the left-hand-side with a PK on the wall.
• After the rolling cart sequence this painkiller will be right in front of you when entering into the door that buzzes open.
• When you enter the shooting/firing range this one is on the wall on the right hand side.
• After going through the obstacle course style shooting range you’ll go up some stairs, and this one is at the door to your right.
• After the third shooting range, you enter a little workshop area, right when you are able to turn left the two painkillers are diagonally left of you.
• After the next cuts scene you will be on an upper level than everyone else, before heading downstairs there is an office to your left, and a painkiller inside.
• Once downstairs go straight and on the 2nd table is a painkiller.
• Now turn around and go into the center of the room and when facing the stairs you came down it will be on your left on a cabinet.

Mission 14
• Upstairs in the starting area in the little control room, there is a painkiller to the right of the door.
• Go through this door and up the stairs after the cut scene, and there is one in the 2nd door and the left.
• Right here, before you go into the room before the main bathroom with two on the wall, there’s a smaller bathroom to the right. There’s a painkiller in one of the lockers.
• When you enter the bathroom there are 2 on the wall across from you.
• In the next huge airport terminal area, there is a pain killer on the 2nd counter about halfway down on the left.
• Continue going along this wall on the left, and there are two more painkillers on this counter.
• On the opposite wall, up the escalator there is a cabinet in the wall between the two sections of the huge terminal area, here lies another Painkiller.
• After the cut scene and there are three guys running and gunning towards you this painkiller is on the wall to the left of you behind the kiosks
• Once you are down in the subway station and you have to turn on the power you’ll need to go to the room in the back, go in and on he wall to the right is a painkiller.
• The cabinet inside the subway car next to a Ruger Mini-30, towards the front of the train from where you start. It has two PKs, which have to be retrieved during the firefight, before you kill the last enemies and jump trains.
• After you jump from your train to the other, you should notice the three painkillers sitting in front of you on the right side.
• When fighting Becker there is a painkiller to your left along the cover you start against after the cut scene.
• There is also one right behind you to the right.

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