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is this real?

read this thread. found the title hilarious, but I can't help myself wanting to waste my time wanting to argue. touche internet

Originally Posted by Primarch Akurei View Post
2- Havok engine = aka your console will lockup randomly at the worst times imaginable mid-level. (Has already occurred for me on mission 2 in the room with the energy towers
wtf are you on about? A shit ton of 360 games use havok. I never had Kill Team lock up on me once the entire time I got all achievements. I've seldom had other shitty games using havok randomly lock up on me either.

if you wanted to make a legit point, you'd have said no mid-level checkpoints suck because the game has a habit of locking up?

Originally Posted by Primarch Akurei View Post
3- Terrible camera angles/locks & lighting. Due to the control setup the camera is on a scripted follow based on your position on the screen. However after some cut-scenes you will want to backtrack for goodies. However the camera was so poorly designed that to do so you must first break camera "lock"......
serious? You're choosing to ignore the entire rest of the time the camera angle is FINE deciding to focus on a pretty insignifigant instance where it becomes unhelpful.

normally when you pass up one of the few htf collectables, waiting till after a cutscene is the worst time to look cuz its -gone-, bro.

Originally Posted by Primarch Akurei View Post
While I've always enjoyed the darker concepts of WH.
i get it. you're goth, potentially emo. your priorities are different from that of a normal gamer who isn't obsessed with considering games as 'art'.

Originally Posted by Primarch Akurei View Post
4- Botched core WH mechanics for the sake of making an over-glorified remake of Asteroid.

Originally Posted by Primarch Akurei View Post
What do I mean? Well in table form WH40K a plasma cannon can 1 shot a tank with a good shot(at least back when I played). Why then must it be watered down to the point it takes 3+ shots to down a simple orc on stage 1. I get that things must be changed when the medium does for the sake of gameplay. However everything I've seen thus far just screams lets remake asteroids and put WH40K skin on it. Rather than make a WH40K game, that plays like asteroids.
what i don't even what is point... maybe you should stick playing with the models and dice if you want an authentic experience? Seriously, this is a really lame reason to take an enormous dump on an otherwise ok game. It would be like complaining its just one or two space marines vs hundreds of orks, AND THE TABLE TOP GAME DOESN'T PLAY LIKE THAT AT ALL! WTF! FAIL! Its not trying to be the table top game.

Originally Posted by Primarch Akurei View Post
I could rant on, but suffice to say. As someone with the mark of khorne inked on their wrist

can't tell if troll or Warhammer 40k gamer upset game depicts the genocide of his favorite race to play as.

seriously. Yours are the pickiest sometimes made up reasons that border the 'worst. game. ever' hipsters who just want to bash a game because its fashionable. Maybe if I were hardcore into the traditional version of the game I may be able to grasp the negative attitudes towards this game.

Kill team really isn't bad at all. Far from perfect, but BEYOND FAIL? Come on. If you honestly think Kill Team is a bad game, you've never played a real bad game before.
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