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A good idea would be to say which ones are worth going for in NYM mode. As in, which painkillers would waste precious seconds if you tried to get them, or which painkillers require you to really go out of your way. I'm going through regular New York Minute and so far here's what I've found. Then again I'm not NYM Hardcore expert so maybe others will say that every painkiller is worth going for.

Bolded are ones I think aren't worth going for or ones that I don't know about. Everything unbolded was very easy to find in my opinion.

Mission 1:
• Entering into your first room, the first painkiller of the game is on the table on the left after going down two steps into what seems like a living room, after your first interaction with enemies.

Mission 2:
• The first one is in the red lit bar where you jumped with the guy out of the window. It’s behind the bar on your right.
I didn't find this one, I was rushing, so I can't comment. After the next cut scene you will be in another bar area colored purple, with a bar down the stairs directly in front of you. Jump over this and to your left on a shelf underneath the bar is another painkiller.
• To your left there are stairs going up, go up these stairs and follow this walkway to the DJ booth where another painkiller awaits
• After you walk through the bathroom you will be in a room with lockers, in the one locker that is open there are two painkillers.
• In the dining area go around to the complete other side to pick up the painkiller on the welcome counter.
• After the Helicopter sequences you’ll lose all your painkillers, but you’ll pickup 2 while heading down the stairs.

Mission 3:
I ended up in the middle of the room after killing everyone. I had to turn around and walk a bit to get this painkiller. Not a huge deal but it felt like I wasted 10 seconds. Once you have control of Max Payne after Passos heals you, kill the guys from the cover you start against, and then turn around and walk into the room directly behind you and there is one against the wall on the left.


I think I'm rushing way too much. Bah.

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