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Engage Hostiles - 5
Start up the game.

To earn this achievement simply enter any mode and select your ship; once the stage loads up the achievement will unlock.

Pruning the Tulips - 5
Destroy the Stage 1 mid-boss "Tulip".

See "Raiko" for more details.

A.I. - 15
Destroy the Stage 1 boss "Element Daughter A.I".

See "Shooty" for more details.

Senko - 10
Destroy the Stage 2 mid-boss "Senko".

See "Raiko" for more details.

NextExy - 15
Destroy the Stage 2 boss "Element Daughter NextExy".

See "Shooty" for more details.

Perfect* - 15
Destroy the Stage 3 boss "Element Daughter Perfect*".

See "Shooty" for more details.

Raiko - 10
Destroy the Stage 4 mid-boss "Raiko".

(Can be unlocked in NOVICE mode)

The mid-boss that the game is referring to is the mid-bosses you VS when in ROUTE B; every level has a mid-boss (2 mid-bosses on stage 5) and most of them are challenging. to earn the achievement you must first enter the secret ROUTE on stage 1; entering the secret route on stage 1 is more efficient as you can unlock all "mid-boss" achievements in 1 playthrough.

To enter the stage 1 secret route you must meet 3 requirements before the mid-boss of stage 1. These requirements are as follows:

  • Destroy 3 (or more) "silos" before the oncoming tanks crush them.
  • Have a full hyper bar upon destruction of the third silo.
  • Do not die.

If all requirements are met you will enter the secret route and will be able to vs the mid-bosses. Upon killing the mid-boss of a stage you will unlock the respective mid-boss achievement for that stage. Also a warning, if you continue or die on a mid-boss, you'll be thrown out of ROUTE B and back into ROUTE A. Therefore you can no longer vs the specific mid-bosses and you will then be forced to restart your playthrough.

Ray'n - 15
Destroy the Stage 4 boss "Element Daughter Ray'n".

See "Shooty" for more details.

Shooty - 15
Destroy the Stage 5 boss "Element Daughter Shooty".

(Can be unlocked in NOVICE mode)
*Continues can be used*

At the end of every level you will fight an elemental doll which are the bosses of the level. As you go through the game the bosses will be harder and harder with the later bosses having more forms and you doing less damage to them. To unlock the "boss" achievements you have to destroy the bosses at the end of each respective stage. All boss achievements can be achieved in 1 playthrough and you are allowed to continue.

Abominable Execution weapon - 30
Destroy "Golden Disaster".

(Can be unlocked in NOVICE)
*Continues NOT allowed*

Golden Disaster is the first hidden boss; you can only fight him if you've met the following conditions after completing the first 5 stages of the game:

Do not continue AND
Collect 35 BEES or
Bomb twice or less or
Die once or less

NOTE: If playing on NOVICE mode BEES will automatically be uncovered, if playing on XBOX360 mode you will need to uncover the BEES with your Laser ()

The best requirement to meet is by collecting 35 BEES, there are normally 7 BEES per level, but if you enter the secret route you will have the opportunity to collect 9 BEES per level. This is recommended as you'll be able to meet the BEES requirement early on and be able to miss out a few BEES on the later stages which allows you to fully concentrate on dodging bullets.

Once you meet the requirements and kill the stage 5 boss you will be prompted to either continue or stop during the cut scene. To fight Golden Disaster select "Continue" and you'll enter the OPEN second loop. This places you back on stage 1 and you will have to complete stage 1 through 5 again; on a harder difficulty.

Once you enter the OPEN second loop you can CONTINUE, so regardless if you take 100 continues by the time you complete stage 5 again you will always fight Golden Disaster. Defeat him and the achievement will unlock.

]-[|/34<#! - 50
Destroy ]-[|/34<#!.

(Can be done in NOVICE mode)
*Continues NOT allowed*

This achievement should be attempted on NOVICE mode. To fight Hibachi you must first enter the HIDDEN second loop; this is similar to the "Abominable Execution Weapon" but it is harder to achieve. To enter the HIDDEN second loop you must meet these requirements:

Die once or less AND Bomb twice or less AND collect all 45 BEES

As you have to collect all 45 BEES you must enter the hidden route on stage 1 and that way you can collect all 9 BEES on every level. I recommend using the TYPE-C ship and POWER STYLE that way you have a large spread of bullets and also have continuous hypers. Make sure you always have a HYPER before every boss or mid-boss.

If you meet all of the requirements during the cut scene after completing stage 5 you will prompted to continue or stop. Select continue, you will be taken back to stage 1 and you will have to complete all of the stages again on a harder difficulty.

Once you enter the HIDDEN second loop you can continue, die or bomb and you will automatically fight Hibachi.

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