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White Bee Hive - 20
Collect all bee items in a stage while they are white. (Arrange A)

*Can NOT die*

For this achievement, you must collect all BEES whilst they are flashing. This only happens for like half a second and they flash at 3-4 second intervals. This can be done on any stage but Stage 1 is the easiest. In ARRANGE A mode, BEES need to be uncovered with your laser () but the good thing is that you can see the BEES faded out. Simply locate a BEE item, hover above it and use your laser to immediately collect the BEE. Rinse and repeat for the other 6 in the level.

Full Power! - 20
Activate your hyper with 5 hyper items in stock. (Arrange A)

See "Charged Up" for more details.

Charged Up - 20
Collect 5 hyper items and fill the Hyper Meter to MAX. (Arrange A)

Normally when you play "XBOX360" OR "NOVICE" mode you can hyper as soon as you fill up your hyper bar, but for ARRANGE A, once you fill up your hyper bar to the max; it automatically sets back to 0 and a HYPER item drifts from the top of the screen. Once you collect the HYPER item it will be added to your "stock" and it will float behind you. If you decide to use your hyper () it will remove all of your HYPER Items from your stock and your ship will preform a Hyper. The more HYPER items used for a hyper determines it's strength. If you die whilst having HYPER items in stock; they will float around the screen and you can pick them up upon re-spawning.

What this achievement wants you to do is to collect and have 5 Hyper stocks at one time and then fill up the hyper bar again. Once it fills up to the max you will then unlock "Charged up". If you then proceed to use your hyper you will then unlock "Full Power".

Extreme Generator - 20
Charge up 5 hyper stocks during one hyper activation. (Arrange A)

In ARRANGE A mode, when you use your hyper, you can still charge up the hyper bar by killing enemies. What the achievement wants you to do is use 1 hyper and fill up 5 bars of hyper. To do this, accumulate 5 HYPER items and wait for a crowded section with lots of enemies. Activate your hyper and kill the enemies until 5 hyper bars fill up. The hyper lasts for quite a bit so it shouldn't be any trouble getting this.

Locations you can attempt this:
Stage 2, after the mid-boss
Stage 3, before the mid-boss as you start scrolling down.
Stage 4, before you start your decent into the bunker/cave
Stage 5, at the battery cells.

10,000 Hits! - 15
Connect a 10,000 HIT combo. (Arrange A)

See "100,000 Hits!" for more details.

100,000 Hits! - 35
Connect a 100,000 HIT combo. (Arrange A)

I would like to thank deexor for his video and his walkthrough below, this is him playing and NOT me.

What to do:
  • Collect 5 hypers.
  • Use the 5-hyper in a good spot to shoot a large mass of bullets in hyper-normal with your shot (not laser) to raise the hit counter.
  • After the hyper, collect as many hypers as possible; repeat in a good spot.

This is possible on stages 3, 4 and 5 (first loop); probably any stage in the second loop, but harder.

How to do it on stage 4 (easiest, in my opinion) - see video:
  1. Collect 5 hypers on stage 3
  2. Use the hyper when the first large enemy enters the screen
  3. This should get you a combo of around 70,000
  4. Collect more hyper items
  5. Hyper when you get to the part when you start descending into the cave.
  6. Do not get hit by spinning laser towers! death = sad times
  7. Keep hypering as needed / as possible; keep doing it at the boss if needed

Probably easier when taking the secret / ura route, as it is a little longer.

Non-infinite Loop - 30
Clear the first loop. (Arrange A)

*Continues are allowed*

Simply complete ARRANGE A mode. You can die and continue all you want. All you have to do is complete all of the stages.

Hyper*Hyper - 10
Use a ton of hypers during Stage 1. (Arrange B)

*Can NOT die*

Simply hyper 10 times on stage 1. To Hyper in ARRANGE B. you must hold down the button, Make sure you collect BEES when they are green or flashing to increase your Hyper bar faster. You can also point blank enemies with your laser () to increase your hyper meter faster. Always use your hyper when you fill up a bar. It is possible to charge up 2 hypers or more on the stage 1 boss.

This One's Free! - 5
Used a Free Bomb. (Arrange B)

To use a free bomb, you must first use a Hyper and then proceed to max your Hyper gauges. If you do this whilst still in the Hyper; you can press and bomb. This bomb is a "free" bomb as it does not cost you a hyper gauge. The best way to do this is by using the Hyper custom on stage 5. Make sure both of your Hyper gauges are full then proceed to use your Hyper as the first set of enemies come on-screen. As you are briefly invincible when you activate your hyper; you shouldn't get killed immediately, and that way you can point-blank the enemies with your laser. If it's done correctly; you will fill up your hyper bar and start glowing blue when it maxes out. Simply press B and you'll bomb (Free Bomb) and the achievement will unlock. You have to bomb during the Hyper and not after it finishes.

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