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UwaAaaAAaAa - 10
Cancel a ton of enemy bullets after activating hyper. (Arrange B)

I would like to thank deexor for the solution below.

The description on the achievement is a bit misleading. What you're supposed to do is pick hyper custom and ram a high number of bullets with your ship during the invincibility you get from activating hyper with the hyper custom.

Try to get this on your highest-ranked stage to make it easier.

God-like Existence - 10
Increase the Expert Gauge to MAX. (Arrange B)

See "Iron plate Love" for more details.

Iron Plate Love - 20
Collect 10,000 "Expert Items" on Stage 3. (Arrange B)

I would like to thank A47A47 for the image and information below

*You can die whilst going for the achievement*

Before you attempt this achievement you must know how ARRANGE B mode works and what you have to do for the achievement. What I suggest is to use the image below along with the Key to understand the HUD and how to collect Expert-items:

  • Collecting expert-items (hexagon iron plates) raises expert-gauges ((5) blue gauges).
  • Expert-items appears when your hyper-shots offset pink-bullets.
  • Expert-items appears when you destroy enemies while destroy-gauges ((4) yellow/red gauges) attains red level.
  • Destroying enemies raises destroy-gauges.
  • Hitting laser against enemies raises destroy-gauges.
  • Using hyper or bomb gathers all expert-items in your display.
  • The way to collect many expert-items is to increase grobal-density-rank ((2) blue-number: grobal-speed-rank, red-number: grobal-density-rank) and offset hyper-shots against pink-bullets.

To get this achievement you need to gain a high global-density-rank, because as global-density-rank increases so does the number of bullets shot out by an enemy thus you can get more Expert items when you cancel bullets with your hyper.

To get a high global-density-rank simply kill enemies with your Laser () and it will slowly increase. if you die whilst using your laser your global-density-rank will decrease so to avoid this don't laser when you're about to die that way your global-speed-rank will decrease instead. Simply repeat stage 3 until your global-density-rank gets to around 1250 that way enemies will shoot out lots of bullets therefore you can cancel more pink bullets to receive more expert items.

Once you've achieved a global-density-rank of 1250 or more you will need to reset your score for stage 3 (Done in the options). The reason for this is that in this mode when you obtain a high score whilst playing the background automatically turns green, and when it turns green enemies shoot out more bullets. If enemies do not seem to be shooting out as much bullets as normal you should laser () for half a second and this makes enemies shoot out even more bullets. Continuously cancel pink bullets with your hyper whenever you get the chance.

With all of these conditions you should be able to hit 10,000 expert items on stage 3. As you work for this achievement you will unlock "God-like existence" and collecting any BEE whilst it's flashing and whilst your in a hyper will unlock you "Descent to hell".

Automatic Transmission - 5
Trigger 3 auto-bombs during play. (Arrange B)

An auto-bomb occurs when you get hit whilst having both hyper gauges maxed out. The cost for the auto-bomb is 1 hyper bar. Simply choose any stage and get hit 3 times whilst having both hyper gauges maxed out. Remember when you start the any stage both gauges are already full.

Thank You For Playing - 30
Score more than 50 million points across all stages. (Arrange B)

Simply get 50 million points across all stages. This sounds hard at first but is simply done by raising the global-density-rank of each stage. As global-density-rank increases so does the number of points given out when you kill the enemies. To gain points you can collect Expert items or kill enemies and you lose points when you die, the amount you lose is in proportion to the amount you have, so for example, if you had 100 points you will lose approximately 20 points upon dying but if you had 20 million points you'll lose approximately 200,000 points per death.

My point scores for the stages and global-density-rank per stage for reference:

Stage 1: 4,137,101 (400)
Stage 2: 2,244,292 (145)
Stage 3: 23,345,392 (1130)
Stage 4: 4,085,312 (375)
Stage 5: 17,554,537 (1734)
Total: 51,366,634

Therefore i suggest using stage 3 for gaining the max amount of points and then following it up with stage 5, stage 2 is very short and doesn't provide you with much points unless you increase your global-density-rank a lot.

Secret Achievements

7x Bonus! - 50
Connected a 10,000 HIT combo.

(POWER style: boost mode)

Connect a 10,000 hit combo. This can be done easily on stage 2's mid-boss. Choose POWER style and get to the stage 2 mid-boss, dodge his first set of bullets, and then hyper shortly after that to cancel the bullets, but refrain from shooting the boss as he needs to survive. When he gets to the end of the track, he will shoot out balls of lasers. Simply sandwich yourself between 2 balls of lasers and point blank them with your laser () (whilst you are still in a hyper). You can get around 2,000-12,000 hits. If you get 7,000 or more hits carry on with the combo till the end boss and milk enemies for hits.

As this getting 10,000 hits on the stage 2 mid-boss is unreliable you can practice in training mode by placing yourself at the stage 2 mid-boss and working out an efficient way to point-blank the laser balls. Once you get an efficient method work your way back to XBOX360 mode and repeat it there. You can do this anywhere else in the game but maintaining a combo is very hard in XBOX360 mode.

KABOOM!!!! - 5
Survived the mother ship's destruction by an abominable force.

See "POWER style victory" for more details.

By no means. - 10
Select "NO" at the end of the first loop.

*continues NOT allowed*

Fulfill the requirements for the open second loop using any ship and type of your choice and when given the option to enter it, select "NO." I suggest using Strong style as it is the easiest style.

BOMB Style Victory - 30
Clear the game using Bomb Style.

See "POWER style victory" for more details.

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