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Black Label DLC

: Before I start, I would like to thank Helg0r for all of the information provided. If it wasn't for him I would not have been able to construct this guide. If this guide has helped you please go over to his page and thank him.

Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10
(Note: harder than the original game).
Offline: 10/10 (250)
Online: 0/10 (0)
Approximate amount of time to 250:
10+ hours (Heavily skill dependent)
Minimum number of playthroughs needed:
Number of missable achievements:
Do cheat codes disable achievements?:
No Cheats
Does difficulty affect achievements?:
Glitchy achievements:
Unobtainable achievements:
Extra equipment needed?:

Note: Keep in mind that I'm assuming you know the basic information about Dodonpachi Resurrection. Therefore, I won't go over information I've already covered in the original game. If any key words crop up which you don't understand it's best if you look at the original guide. I will refer you to the achievements which contain the specified information in the guide below just in case.

Dodonpachi Resurrection Black Label is a DLC expansion for Dodonpachi Resurrection. When playing this DLC, achievements from the original game cannot be unlocked. The Dodonpachi Ressurection Black Label DLC adds many features to the game. It adds Black Label mode and Black Label (Novice) mode. New features include the "Red gauge" which will be a key component when coming to unlock a vast majority of the Black Label achievements. Another new component is the ability to stock Hyper/bombs.

You as the player will be playing Black Label mode to earn all of the achievements. The stages and bosses (with one exception: [z3[)]-[|/34<#!.) are the same. It will take you 6 or more playthroughs to earn all achievements.

During playthrough one you will earn 1 achievement:

  • What a Waste

Playthrough 2 will involve you earning a bulk of the achievements and allow you to get to grips with the new gameplay mechanics:

  • In the RED
  • Select Strong Style.
  • Hyper Cancelling

Playthrough 3, 4 and 5 will involve you beating Hibachi with the respective ship types:

  • Bombing ]-[|/34<#
  • Overpowering ]-[|/34<#
  • Stronger than ]-[|/34<#

Your last playthrough will involve you getting the hardest achievement in the Black Label DLC (and in the whole game):

  • [z3[)]-[|/34<#!

Conclusion: The Black Label DLC will offer you a challenge of a lifetime. If you loved the original version, then you'll absolutely love the Black Label DLC. A bulk of the achievements can be earned easily and the other few are hard to obtain, thus this DLC does have a great balance of achievements difficulty wise. With tons of new features and good achievements, I do recommend this DLC to any bullet-hell fans out there that wish to experience a thrilling challenge or just want to have some fun.

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