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Originally Posted by ReaptheChaos View Post
You wont unlock the red light races (aka Landmark races) by working your way though the missions. You have to actually find and race the red light race in each area. You donít have to race there and back, you donít even need to win. Just race one time and you will unlock all the landmark races for that area.

Iíve listed some streets below of where you will most likely find them if youíre having trouble. Just cruise up and down these streets and you will run across them sooner or later.

Usually be found cruising sunset Blvd.

Usually found on Ventura Blvd or the 101 freeway.

Usually found on Ocean ave. or 3rd/4th St.

Usually found on N. Figueroa or Flower St.

South Central:
Usually found on Crenshaw Blvd.

Was looking for how to unlock the landmark races, thanks a lot for all the head banging on the wall you've just saved me

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