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Great guide! I had a little trouble reading the wall-o-text solution for Trial 6 so I cleaned it up a little and wrote a foolproof step by step guide for it. You don't even need to dodge the two electrical towers at the end, you can just airstrike them and smoothly sail to the end!

Feel free to use it since the strategy is obviously yours, I just cleaned it up:

* Upgrade your first Crawler once, and the Supply truck twice so that it starts working toward a decoy. Keep the formation you start with for now.
* Make your path down the second turn (i.e. the first turn that goes downward), then follow the bend and straight up past the top tower and then to the right of the right-most tower.
* Try to distract the towers to keep your unit damage down. How well this works is pretty random since you can't control when and where enemies, or your own units, will fire, so you may have to start over a few times to make sure your squad is in decent shape.
* Go straight through the path ahead, keeping the loop at the end that the game has already mapped for you.
* Move your Crawlers to the front of the line and make sure both have 2 stars.
* As you pass through the row of behemoths, use all three repair abilities that you've gained so far and do your utmost to keep everything alive until the last two behemoths and the two regular towers. This part is also pretty random; you never know when and where units will be hurt so you may end up having units that are too healthy at the end, but you couldn't have ignored healing them either since then you wouldn't have had enough firepower. It's random and not entirely up to you, which is part of why this challenge is so annoying.
* Allow these last four towers to kill your Crawlers.
* Keep your squad in the loop mentioned above as you go left and use your aistrikes to blow up the mine, which in turn will blow up the other towers surrounding it.
* If you have Crawlers still alive after the behemoth corridor, go downward past the two lone towers there and try to get the Crawlers destroyed there.
* Keep going along the upper path and then steer sharply upwards through the regular tower corridor there. This is where you need to have your Crawlers and tanks die off. If your tank is at full health when you turn the corner into the tower corridor, you can pop a repair right as it passes the first tower and that will create a pretty perfect situation where all enemy towers are killed but your tank goes down as well.
* At this point, you should have a boatload of abilities, but only the APC and the Supply tank left.
* Run down to the two electical towers and use two of your airstrikes to take them out.
* Map the straight path to the end of the level and hold RT.
* The Scorcher didn't activate at all for me when I did this, but if it does for you, you should have 4 smoke screens which is way more than you'd ever need to get past it. The other two towers at the end don't do crap in this level, they just stand there looking at you.

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