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Escort Duty**Talk to Fournival again in his Manor in Gran Soren in The noble quarters to accept a quest to look over his daughter, Symone. Bring a Flask of water before accepting the quest, Also walk right next to her the whole time. Do not run too far away. Stay near her side.

She Will stop near the Inn, Talk to her and she will want to play Hide-and-seek. Now Run straight forward into the Alehouse, go pass the Notice board and turn left. She should be right here. Another spot is inside the Inn in the back corner.

Trade her the Flask of water right when she wants it. And when she wants to race you. Let her win. After finishing the quest just talk to her again. Doing all this you will get the Golden Idol, Only way to get this item in the game.

Of Merchants and Monsters**Outside Ancient Quarry North Entrance, It is West of Gran Soren Just south of Miner's Hut. Talk to the Alon to accept the quest. Go in & open the gates by stepping on the panels on the ground. Also while your in here, search everywhere because you will have to defeat all 3 Ogres to finish the quest.

Main Quest's "Justice Done" "Seeking Salvation" "The Watergod's Altar" were done here.

Note** The quest below you can be finished anytime before or after meeting the Duke. Just finish it before the Final battle quest. Also Once you hand in the Journals, Reynard goes bye bye. There is a Main quest from Aldous called "Trial and Tribulations" that puts a guy on trial & Reynard sells some items that get him out or puts him in Jail. So make note of this if you want to finish that quest easy & pick the outcome.

Search Party
** To start this quest you need to buy 10 items from Reynard. If it still doesn't show up, Keep buying stuff. It will pop up sooner or later. He will be asking for certain times. NOTE* Make sure you finish this before doing the Final Battle because it will Fail. Also a note, he moves around. He walks around the Front of the Inn in Gran Soren, The Encampment, Rest Camp, Great wall & Cassardis near the Inn.

1st Item* Scrap Iron x1
Buy/Sell Items over & over He will ask for another item
2nd Item* Miasmite x1
I bought & Sold a bunch of stuff, Nothing new, Then i went to the Inn, Slept. Came back he was at the same spot. Sold him some items. This Time you need 6 different Journal Entry's.

First Journal Entry** In the Encampment. In a Chest by the area where you killed the Hyrda.
Second Journal Entry** In the Catacombs, Second Level Underground
Third Journal Entry** In Gran Soren, you have to climb up on top of the roofs and find a spot where you can drop down into the roof. It's NW of the Black Cat.
Fourth Journal Entry**"Barta Crags" Area Near Miasmic Haunt. This is South of The Great Wall.
Fifth Journal Entry** Soulflayer Canyon First Floor
Final Journal Entry** Ancient Quarry, It's pretty much in the middle of the map. If you entered from the North side, its in the big area before you get to the "Switch" Just NE of the "Lever" Icon.

Finished all the Wyrm Hunt Quest.
Come to Court" was done here (this is meeting the Duke) Make sure you did all the quest above before doing this Quest. (besides the one's i have noted)

The quests below can all be done Right after meeting the Duke, Only Quest i accepted from Aldous was Griffin's Bane. (
Aid the Corps on a hunting expedition) I didn't accept Trial and Tribulations "Gather evidence for an important trial" because that quest is time limited to 4 Days.

Once you have met the Duke, all the side quests below become active, i would recommend finishing them all. Just do what i did & accept Griffin's Bane from Aldous
(Aid the Corps on a hunting expedition)then Do ALL the quests. Doing this there will be no way you will miss a quest.**

Scroll down to WitchHunt & read

Rise of the Fallen
**Speak to Ser Maximilian at the Castle Gates. This is After you meet with the Duke for the first time.

Talent Bloom
** Travel to "The Abbey" It's in the forest a little NW from Ancient Quarry North Entrance & East of Prayer Falls. There is a girl named Quina that wants you to bring her flower to a Priest. I gave it to Geffrey in Gran Soren Cathedral.Note* The flower will die & cause you to fail this quest if you don't give it to someone rather quickly, So do this quest once you accept it.

Idol Worship
**Talk to Caxton the weapon smith for the quest. Also Madeleine has the same quest. You can give one a Golden idol & one a Silver idol. Caxton has more weapons for Fighters & Madeleine will have more magic weapons & Items
Supplier's Demand** is the name of the quest that Madeleine gives you in Gran Soren. She will be in her shop.

Farewell, Valmiro
** Talk to Valmiro in Cassardis, Take the path to the right of the Inn & he is on the right looking at the beach. He wants more items. 1x Potent Greenwarish x1 Lantern
1x Sour Ambrosial Meat & 1x Pilgrim's Charm Note* If you just missed this quest in your 1st play, make sure you do Dying of Curiosity again so this will show up.

Innocent Man** There is a little kid running around Cassardis named Tomlin with a quest. I saw him running on the beach when i was doing Farewell, Valmiro's quest. Bring x3 Skeleton Keys

** Right after meeting with the Duke, There will be 3 townsfolk's talking in front of the Gran Soren Inn about Selene, Stand near them and listen to active the quest. Note*next quest below

Mettle against Metal
**After doing the Witchhunt quest, Leave the area & Don't jump down. Turn around and enter back into Witchwood, You must find a golem in the area. Go back under Selene House, and take a right when you come to the 1st split path. You'll see a funny looking rock across the water. You can't hunt him directly. You have to destroy all the purple poles around the area. One of the Poles is in a Tree high up, So i would bring a bow as it seems this is the only way to hit it. If your having trouble finding them, just watch where they shoot him from and follow the light, because they give him power. NOTE* next quest below

Dragon's Tongue** This is the 3rd quest you can get in this area. After you save Selene from the Witchhunt & left and re-entered the area, and Before or after you killed the golem, Go back to the Guardian's Grave where you talked to Selene when you finished Witchhunt quest. There will be a Ancient Tablet. Bring it Geffrey in the Cathedral

The Conspirators**Speak with Chamberlain Fedel to initiate the quest. He is inside the castle in Gran Soren. I made a forgery of the letter, gave the real one to the guard & fake one to Fedel.

Nameless Terror
** Speak with Ser Rickart, a guard just outside the South gate of Gran Soren.
Once you get the quest, sleep at the Inn in gran soren till nightfall, then make your way to the Ancient Quarry North Entrance. Just outside the gate you will fight a group of bandits. I had Raven & Condor attack me.
Then make your way north of Gran Sorn and go across the bridge pass the Catacombs Rear Passage 2 & fight, Phantom, Ghost, Soul & Spirits.

Return to Gran Soren, Sleep at the Inn till nightfall again. After that make your way to Cassardis from Gran Soren, staying on the Main Road. You'll be attacked during Moonsbit Pass Take the same route when you first came threw here Escorting the Hydra Head. By this i mean going under the Castle gates that you had to open the first time, and not taking the path that goes to the left. Just continue straight ahead & keep following that Main Road.

You'll also be attacked between The Mountain Waycastle & the Encampment. Then Finally in front of Cassardis gates. Stay on the Main road & you'll finish this quest There is 5 fights total. Thank You *Nami* for bringing this up & Thank you *WilRonward* for quest details on how to finish this quest.

A Parting Gift** After Talent Bloom
But Before Accepting the quest "Deny Salvation"
Go back to The Abbey, and speak with Clarus, a Nun inside the church. She wants a item.
1x Pilgrim's Charm.

Arousing Suspicion
**Note*Speak with Mirabelle in the Castle to accept the quest. She was inside the first door to the castle, before the main room. Note*Do this quest in order for Duchess in Distress to show up.

Supply and Demands
**Speak to Ser Daerio in Windbluff Tower, He wants you to bring a letter to Lord Julien or a guard outside the castle. I recommend giving the letter to Lord Julien in the castle. He is the Blonde Guy with the blue Cape. He should be in the castle walking around or outside. There should be a quest marker on him. Pick the first Option "One Week's supply" for the best outcome.
Main Quest "Griffin's Bane" "Trial and Tribulations" was done here.

Thanks ProdigyChildPwn, WilRonward & my boy FLIPADELPHIIA for the help
Thats what you get when you let your heart win WhooAAooA

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