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******Do all the above side quests before you do anymore main Quest from Aldous, This way you wont miss any from going too far in the story.******

After Aldous Quests are all completed & you walk with the Duke to his Treasure room & complete the quest "Reward and Responsibility"

* Make sure you do Duchess in Distress & Bad Business before completing "Deny Salvation" A Main Quest.

Bad Business
**Go to Madeleine Shop in Gran Soren & speak with Katlyn. Make sure you pick up her dagger that is sitting on the table. "Divine Razors" Then go to the Alehouse that is locate across the Inn & talk to Nettie & Arsmith they will have Red ?'s over there head. Now you will have a quest marker on your map.Note* If you just missed this quest the 1st time around, make sure you do Chasing Shadows again so this will unlock later in the story.

Now a few choices, Keep her dagger for yourself or give it to her to make her like you more. Tell the guard Yes or No. No if you like her. Yes if you dislike her. She will then want 50,000 Gold. Doing All this will definitely get you the Affinity and Beyond achievement.

Duchess in Distress
** This quest will show up from Mirabelle AFTER you do all the Duke's quests from Aldous like mention above. She will show up inside the castle gates but just outside the actual castle doors at the bottom of the stairs to the left. She might be walking around the garden if it is nighttime.

Now before doing the Main Quest "Deny Salvation" make sure you do ALL the quest above, it is a point of no return

Just do every side quest you can before doing any Main quest. Always a good rule of thumb Sleep at Inn's a lot so it saves a checkpoint. So if you DO fail a quest somehow you can reload checkpoint & not worry about it when the game auto saves.

**Extra Notes Section**

For Arousing Suspicion Speak with Aelinore before leaving the castle for the 1st time. You will get a little cut-scene when leaving, make sure to go say hello.

Note* For Supplier's Demand** You should at least give her a silver idol if you don't give her the golden one so she will like you enough to give you another quest later on, You can also do a Escort quest if you see it on a notice board.

Sorry i have to start editing down here, 1st & 2nd post are maxed 10,000 words D=

Not sure how i missed the "Investigate a cult" quest, must of skipped it on my 2nd play or did something else. But It looks like you Must do this in order to get "Rise of the Fallen" to show up. I don't have the game anymore and Forgot the info on this quest (I'm sorry >.<) But I'm pretty sure its very easy to come across and almost un-missable. Thanks Jenneke88 for bring this up.

This is my Quest log in the order i did them. Just for a Quest List to compare to.

** = Main Quest
Harbinger of Destruction**
Newly Arisen**
Floral Delivery
Lost Faith
Grim Tidings
Upon a Pawn** & saving Reynard
Call of the Arisen**
Strength in Numbers -- After talking to the rift voice, speak with the guard by the notice board
Guard Duty
Deep Trouble
A Rube Awakening**
An Uninvited Guest
Lost and Found
Off With Its Head**
A Matter of Myrmidons**
A Troublesome Tome
Land of Opportunity
Lure of the Abyss**
Reaper's Scorn
Thick as Thieves -- Female bandit camp Can be done before or after meeting Duke
Deeper Trouble
Chasing Shadows -- When you first come to Gran Soren
The Cypher**
Dying of Curiosity
A Fortress Besieged**
Escort Duty
Of Merchants and Monsters
Justice Done**
Seeking Salvation**
The Watergod's Altar**

Search Party -- This is Reynard quest, Do it later if you don't want him to leave just yet
Come to Court** This is when you first meet the Duke
Talent in Bloom
Supplier's Demand
Idol Worship
Farewell, Valmiro
An Innocent Man
No Honor Among Thieves -- Male bandit camp Can be done before or after meeting Duke
Witch Hunt
Mettle Against Metal
The Dragon's Tongue
The Conspirators
Nameless Terror
A Parting Gift
Rise of the Fallen
Arousing Suspicion
Supply and Demands
Griffin's Band** 1st set of Aldous Quest's
Trial and Tribulations** 1st set of Aldous Quest's
The Wyrmking's Ring** 2nd set of Aldous Quest's
Pride Before a Fall** 2nd set of Aldous Quest's
Honor and Treachery** 3rd Set
Reward and Responsibility** 3rd Set

Bad Business
Duchess In Distress
Deny Salvation** Point of No Return all Side Quests
The Final Battle***

Post game Quests
A Warm Welcome**After completing this quest make sure you go HERE A
nd complete any Mini Boss fights & anything else you want to do in the EverFall Area. It's a good place to level up & farm Items, Materials, Weapons & Armor. Also the 1st place you can Fight the Ur-Dragon

Fathom Deep**This is the final Quest, Once you hand in x20 Wakestone's to Quince the next time you Jump into the Everfall, It takes you to a new and Final Area. So make sure you do anything you want to finish Before you Jump & start your NG+

Thanks ProdigyChildPwn, WilRonward & my boy FLIPADELPHIIA for the help
Thats what you get when you let your heart win WhooAAooA

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