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Here are some that I have just by looking at my history:

Dying of Curiosity**
In Cassardis, some one (I forgot who) has a quest to search for Valmiro. Should show up after the Lure of the Abyss.

Escort Duty**
Talk to Fournival to accept a quest to look over his daughter, Symone.

Witch Hunt**
I believe you can get this from someone in Gran Soren. I got it after meeting with the Duke for the first time.

Arousing Suspicion**
Speak with Mirabelle in the Castle to accept the quest.

Idol Worship**
Talk to Caxton the weaponsmith for the quest.

Of Merchants and Monsters**
Outside the eastern entrance of the quarry, talk to the peddler to accept the quest.

The Conspirators**
Speak with Chamberlain Fedel to initiate the quest.

Rise of the Fallen**
Not sure but I think this one is missable. Speak to Ser Maximilian at the Castle Gates.

Supplier's Demand**
Speak to Madeleine to accept the quest. I spoke to her post-game, not sure if you can get the quest before that.
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