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Duelist 30
Completed all the Competitive maps in V.R. Missions (P1)

- In order to unlock this achievement you will need to complete 12 competitive V.R missions in 2 player split-screen. You do NOT have to have a buddy with you in order to unlock this as the second player will follow you throughout the level. You will keep all of your upgraded attachments and guns from the story so it's best to save these missions for last. These missions are extremely easy and should take no more than an hour to complete all of them.

List of the 12 Competitive V.R Missions:

  • Central Park Assault
  • Museum Mayhem
  • Underground Attack
  • New Mexico Fighting
  • Alien Ship Fuss
  • Street Riots
  • Fountain Barrage
  • Museum Invasion
  • Underground Offensive
  • New Mexico Raid
  • Alien Ship Ambush
  • Street Intervention

The menu will make it seem that you are playing the same map twice, so try not to get fooled by the map photos. Each map contains two different missions that you will need to complete. Use the list above to check off which maps that you have already completed.

Conqueror 25
Achieved at least 300,000 points in one V.R. Mission (P1)

- Scoring 300,000+ points is not hard at all as you will more than likely achieve well over 1 million in a mission. Just rapidly kill as many aliens you can while performing combos and you should have no problem. An easy way to gain a lot of points is by performing the "Caught" combo. First equip the Anti-Gravity Grenade by holding and pressing on the d-pad, then fire a grenade into a group of enemies by pressing . Spray the aliens down as fast as you can to achieve higher multipliers and more points.

Superstar 30
Achieved at least 200,000 points in one V.R. Mission (P1)

- See "Conqueror".

Superior Fighter 25
Achieved at least 150,000 points in one V.R. Mission (P1)

- See "Conqueror".

Enjoy the Ride 20
Started playing in Story Mode

- Story related, cannot be missed.
Unlocked after starting the game for the first time.

Flying Car? Where? 20
Didn't get detected while flying the car

- Story related, cannot be missed.

Take notice of the bar at the bottom left of the screen and make sure it does not rise up so people notice you. Pass through the Alien Checkpoints to keep the bar down.

The Spice of Life 20
Defeated enemies using 10 different combos (P1)

- You will more than likely unlock this midway through the game. There are lots of different combos in the game that you will achieve just by rapidly killing enemies and using different attachments. Just keep progressing through the game and you will unlock it soon enough.

HideíníSeek 10
Scanned 2 hidden aliens in Story Mode

*If you do not feel like finding the second alien or going back through Chapter Select, you can scan one alien, restart checkpoint, then go back and scan him again for the achievement.*

- In order to unlock this achievement you will need to scan the two aliens that are hiding inside human bodies. Click and hover over the human/object to scan. The first alien is near the end of Chapter 4 when you are leaving the museum. Once you come outside you will spot several aliens and humans out on the street. The alien that is hiding inside the human body is to the left behind the police car.

The second alien that you will need to scan is located at the end of Chapter 7. As soon as you are finished with the flying section, you will come to some stairs leading down to the fountain. There will be several aliens and humans on the stairs. The alien that is hiding is at the bottom left of the stairs.

You can use chapter select if you miss out on the achievement in your first run of the game.

This Won't Take Long 20
Defeated the Nakkadan Elite Guard in Story Mode

- Story related, cannot be missed. You will be fighting the guard at the beginning of Chapter 7.

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