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Party Crasher 20
Crashed Chauncey's party in Story Mode

- Story related, cannot be missed.

High Score 20
Successfully finished the Virtual Reality training program in Story Mode

- Story related, cannot be missed.

Kicking and Screaming20
Escaped Serleena's drag attack

- Story related, cannot be missed. You will have the chance to fight Serleena at the end of Chapter 2. Near the end of the fight, Serleena will grab you with her tentacles to attempt to eat you. Just shoot one of the four yellow petals on her face to get out of her grasp.

Smile for the Camera! 20
Neuralized 7 humans in Story Mode

- In order to neuralize a human you must first capture them with your Bubble Attachment by holding down while the reticle is on them. You can equip the Bubble Takedown Attachment by holding and clicking on the D-Pad. You get the chance to neuralize the captured humans at the end of each chapter. Capture and neuralize seven humans and the achievement is yours.

Brute Force 20

Achieved a 25x multiplier in Story Mode

- Your multiplier is displayed on the top right of your HUD. An easy spot to gain a 25x multiplier is on Chapter 2 when you are fighting Serleena. You will be able to get a 25x+ multiplier as long as you avoid shooting the yellow petals on her. The achievement will unlock after finishing her off.
There will be plenty of chances later on in the game so don't stress if you miss unlocking it here.

Group Off 20
Destroyed 3 enemy platforms in Story Mode

- The platforms are the enemy ships which usually contain three or more enemies on them. You will be able to shoot these down during any of the flying sequences. Take them down with a rocket by using . You shouldn't have any problem unlocking this as you will destroy at least 5 or so platforms during your first playthrough.

Own the Road 20
Defeated 70 Bikers in Story Mode

- You will defeat hundreds of bikers during your first playthrough so you shouldn't have a problem unlocking this.

Road Hog 20
Defeated 40 bikers in Story Mode

- See "Own the Road".

Dodge and Weave 20
Dodged the mines placed by Nethera in Story Mode

- This is probably the most difficult achievement in the game. During the flying sequence in Chapter 7 Nethera will be laying down mines that you will need to avoid. As you are chasing her she will set down 3 sets of electric mines. If you think that you may have hit a mine then restart the section. Take notice of your multiplier on the top-right of your screen. If it turns red then you have been hit by a mine.

  • The first set consists of 5 stationary mines that can easily be avoided by weaving through them.

  • The second set will be a little more challenging, as you will need to dodge 8 vertical and horizontal mines. You will first have to dodge 4 vertical mines that are moving side by side. Try to stay in the middle of the screen to avoid them. After dodging the vertical mines, there will be 4 horizontal mines moving up and down the screen. Keep right of the screen and maneuver up and down to dodge the mines.

  • The last set will be the most challenging of the sets and may cause some frustration. You will first need to dodge 2 mines together, one horizontal and one vertical. Try to stay to the bottom-right of the screen to avoid hitting them. Next you will need to dodge two of the same combination of mines but on opposite sides. Try to stay towards the middle for the first one then quickly move to the top-right to dodge the second mine. Lastly, there will be 3 mines that are spinning in circles. Stay to the bottom-right of the screen to dodge them.

*If you think you didn't get hit by a mine but didn't get the achievement
- Dashboard while you're still in the car and copy your save to a USB. Doing this will allow you to retry the flying sequence without having to restart the entire level over again.*

Ugly on the Inside 20
Defeated the Adorian Elite Guard in Story Mode

- Story related, cannot be missed.

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