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Originally Posted by Dr Illmatik View Post
Ok people, trying to get a group together on Friday night to boost all we can in multiplayer, squad, or what else we can. We are looking to start around 11pm Eastern time. I got two people for sure. We need a total of eight. Send me a message on XBL if you want in. Gamer tag is: Dr ILLMATIK
I like to get at least 10 people lined up, just in case some donít make it. Please have a mic, and able to communicate.
I know the servers are jacked up right now, so like to get people with some patience, also people who are willing to help out after they get the achievements.

I will update the list as people join. Letís make this happen!

1)Dr Illmatik
2)Phantom Zero Z
5)Cipher Complex
6) Awesome X 916
Count me in for this. GT: The Machine 407

I recently started a new gamertag, The Machine 407, and will NOT be on the old one (The Machine 715) anymore, so any messages or friend requests should go to the new one.
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