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Originally Posted by Darkforce412 View Post
the only thing good i liked in this dlc was u get to play as robin and everything else wasnt very good. Their was no twist no no drama and harley is such a bad villain, i really thought she was going to good in this one.
I actually thought she was quite a believable villain; the part about halfway through where you discover her giant monument to the Joker was a bit disturbing, and seemed to reflect her descent into complete madness quite nicely. Oh, and the plot regarding why she lured Batman and Robin into the steel mill in the first place was good - not something most people would have trouble thinking up, but good nonetheless.
She would definitely struggle to hold up an entire sequel as the main villain, as a lot of people initially suspected before the DLC was announced due to the post-credits secret, but as a DLC villain she wasn't half bad, and it definitely compensated for her minimal role in the main game.
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