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Originally Posted by ponypo2001 View Post
Well,I'm about to do "Final Battle" and it looks like I missed one quest out of these. "A Parting Give". Firstly, is this meant to be called "A Parting Gift"? Also, it never appeared for me. I remember doing theTalent Bloom quest early and I gave it to a nun there and it completed. However, Clarus has never once offered me a quest and I went back and forth to the Abbey to keep checking.

I'll head straight there on new game plus I guess and see if that works. I was doing so well too
Woops, knew i would have a few spelling corrections in there sorry =X, I'll tidy it up once I'm finished with the guide.

After i met the Duke for the first time. I went to The Abbey & did "Talent Bloom". This list is in order of when i did them. It must be time a sensitive quest. Because when I went back (still didn't do any Duke's quest yet) Clarus was there with a Quest.
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