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Originally Posted by BloodGodAlucard View Post
Thick as Thieves

This quest is the hugest pain in my ass. I bought the women's clothes from the Black Cat for my main pawn and myself to wear. No matter what I do she still attacks me. WTF? Is it because I already did Maul's quest? I was hoping that wouldn't matter, and is shouldn't since you have to do both quests for the achievement. And they both have to be done on the same character. So I must be missing something here.

The only thing I can think of is that I always carry around the badge that Maul gave me. Could that somehow be pissing her off? I did come to this location early in the game and kill them all. But I didn't think that mattered since they respawned.

The really weird thing is that when I'm dressed in drag and go into the castle. Only some of them are hostile. There are some that don't attack me on sight. Unfortunately for me the quest giver isn't one of the docile ones. She always appears to have a massive case of PMS.

Is there any advice you can offer? Like maybe I'm doing something wrong. If this goes correctly, is the cyclops outside supposed to attack you? He always engages me no matter what.
Yeah i have read about people having trouble with this quest. I had all females and my main girl, and i did this quest pretty early. Doing it before the Male bandit camp maybe is a good idea. And like Flip said, when you do the male bandit quest don't go kill the females, instead hand over pike in Cassardis
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