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Originally Posted by CelticWarriorDB View Post
I don't know if this is a problem or not, but I was trying to do the 'Thick as Thieves' quest, and I spoke to the leader with no problems. However, the quest I was given was completely different to what is listed here. I was told to kill the rival male bandits. Is that normal, and I read in my game guide (which is crap BTW) that the quest that is listed here is given to you by the other leader. However, I didn't see anyone else with the green ? symbol above their head, except for Ophis.
Really? both times when i did that quest i talked to not the leader but someone outside the gates. She wanted me to feed Ophis pet to make her happy. Once feeding the pet, i talked to Ophis & she liked me quest completed. What was the quest called if you just go up and talk to Ophis right away?
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