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Originally Posted by BloodGodAlucard View Post
Okay I was confused I thought Ophis was the name of the Cyclopes that you have to feed to open up the Secret Admirer notice board quest. I read somewhere that he is the same cyclopes that the female thief asks you to feed. Though it said that he was located in a pen somewhere.

I think my only option on this quest might be to buy the item to change my character and play as a female with a female pawn. I REALLY don't want to do this though. If I mess this quest up will I be able to do it on NG+ or will they somehow remember? If that was the case, then I'd have to do a 100% playthrough with a female Arisen. And that is something that I'm probably not going to even bother with.

I'll try passing a week or two in-game though. I've heard that might reset the bandit leaders hostility.
I'd say if you still can't get it done in your playthrough now, When you do start NG+ do the female bandit quest first thing when you can. Feed the pet make the leader happy and hopefully this will be your last quest, and the achievement will pop right there
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