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Originally Posted by VyperJMc View Post
MicroCool is right. They delivered everything they promised.

Some people just can't be pleased. Everyone says "We want DLC..." so they put out challenges maps. Everyone says "We hate challenge maps, give us story DLC..." so they put out story DLC. Everyone says "It's too short/no twist ending/no spoilers for the next game!"

Pfbbbt!!! Go pay $20 for COD maps or $40+ for Gears 3 weapon skins.
I think everyone would have been a whole lot happier just if the price was lower; the Robin and Nightwing bundles each cost 560 Points, a spot-on price because they each offered hours of extra gameplay but didn't really add anything new besides a couple of new maps and different combat techniques, so I would have expected the same kind of price for this, which adds brand new content (and really enjoyable content at that), but only lasts for a couple of hours.
As I said in another thread, it's not quite as bad as the pricing for the Mass Effect 3 DLC 'From Ashes', which charged the same price of 800 Points but for a single mission that lasted approximately half an hour, not even of the same quality as many of the missions, and that could only be replayed by starting a new profile. The one lasting thing it offered was a new character, who was admittedly very cool, but to be honest that's effectively the same as getting a cool new skin in Arkham City. So based on those standards, people haven't got much to complain about here :L
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