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Thoughts on The Room?

This past weekend I went to the London MCM Expo, came across Silent Hill 4: The Room for PS2. I decided to buy it, played it briefly last night on the PS3, and as I reached a 3rd person section I just couldn't stand it anymore.

It might be because I started on the HD Collection, so I'm used to kind of good graphics, but it just seems that everything in the game has been downgraded from SH2 and 3.

Obviously, as I said I've only now reached the first 3rd person part, but even as soon as I started that I noticed how bad the controls were. Movement seems odd, as it feels like I'm running in slightly fast motion. Also, the movement controls in first person seem completely backwards. They make it impossible to use both sticks (one to move, one to look around), so I have to adapt to a complete new style of movement, and I just can't get my head around it!

All in all, although I've only played for like, 20 minutes, I really don't feel like I can carry on! Haha
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